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The Wings of Dawn Universe Portal

Wings of Dawn is a total conversion by Spoon released on August 22, 2010. The first original project for HLP, it features an anime-inspired design that takes place in an entirely originally-designed setting outside of the FreeSpace universe. Its popularity lead to the release of an addon a few months later titled A Nordera Day. A sequel, Wings of Dawn 2: Into the Void is also in production.

General Info

Wings of Dawn Screenshots

Author: Spoon

Missions: 25+


  • A new universe
  • Custom soundtrack
  • New head ani's
  • Tons of new primary and secondary weapons
  • Custom models

Status: Released


MediaVPs, 3.6.12 The 3.6.12 build or newer


Straight from the mod.ini: "Follow the happy go lucky 1st Joint Guardian Angel Strike Force as they go to far away places, meet new alien life forms and then, kill them."

Player Comments

Wings of Dawn is a unique mod largely from the imagination of a single individual. It has great depth in whichever avenue you enjoy out of gaming: story, gameplay, adventure experience etc. It has a little of everything, and don't let the fact that it's an anime fool you, it's not without charm and is very accessible to people who think Cowboy Bebop is some kind of western dance club. Save this mod for a day where you have lots of free time, then prepare to get sucked into another universe. - bigchunk1

I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that this creature here represents one of the biggest strides in FreeSpace modding we've ever seen....
There's nothing I know of, either released or in the works, that can match Wings of Dawn for sheer chutzpah and unfettered ambition. Spoon had the colossal testicular fortitude to tackle the creation of a brand new universe, and he pulled it off - with enviable flair and attention to detail. - General Battuta

I was recently bemoaning the mainstreaming of gaming to a friend and how it is stripping games of creativity and individuality. And talking about how it’s simply impossible for one person to make a game anymore like years ago, and how everyone is playing it safe. Well, here we have something that doesn’t do that. A whole universe, created by a single person. Even though each individual race aside from us humans only have a number of ships you can count on one hand, they are still very distinct from each other and feel like the ships of a different race. They are also far more diverse than what the main Freespace 2 campaign has to offer. - Lorric

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