107th Ravens

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General info

Squadron type: Heavy attack squadron
Craft used the most: GTF Hercules Mark II
Stationed on-board: GTD Aquitaine
Squadron leader: Lieutenant Samsa


It is the 107th Ravens who were first deployed to the Knossos portal to eliminate local Shivan forces and pave the way for Professor Mina Hargrove's research team to examine the portal. GTVA Command then ordered the Aquitaine to lead a scout inside the nebula. Inside the fog, Kappa wing of the 107th Ravens suddenly vanished. The Ravens assisted two Deimos-class corvettes, the GTCv Lysander and the GTCv Actium in clearing the nebula, but the strike force encountered a Ravana destroyer, the SD Ravana which destroyed one of the corvettes, the Lysander, with a single beam salvo. The 107th Ravens then switched duties from heavy attack to bombing. At the cost of heavy casualties, the SD Ravana was destroyed.

It is known that the 107th Ravens had existed fourty years before the events of Freespace_2.