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*Weapon launches 2 [[Weapons.tbl#.24Shots:|Shots]] per gun mount.
===Veteran Comments===
===Veteran Comments===
[[Category: Wings of Dawn Weapons]]
[[Category: Wings of Dawn Weapons]]

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Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

The 40mm 'Reaper' cannon was a common low tech weapon mounted on fighters and capital ships from NC0000 until they were slowly phased out around NC0051. It remained popular after the introduction of shielded fighters because early shield systems could handle Kinetic weapons poorly. It had the advantage of a long range but only had limited ammo.



Range 5000 m
Rate of Fire 5 shots per second
Velocity 400 ms-1
Base Damage 8
Armor Damage 1.0x 8
Shield Damage 1.1x 8.8
Subsystem Damage 0.5x 4


  • Weapon launches 2 Shots per gun mount.

Veteran Comments

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