40mm cannon

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Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

Laser technology has been around for centuries, and has done well in many fields such as medical, missile interception, and mining operations. However, designing a laser weapon powerful enough to punch through armor in a single burst proved to be a much harder challenge. The tremendous power requirements for such a weapon, especially when mounted on a spacecraft, was the biggest hurdle faced against such possibility.

In NC0036, this problem was finally solved with the development of fusion generators. In the next 2 years afterward, many developments went forward in more portable laser weaponry, with it being perfected in the form of the Eon Corp, Laser Weapon, Model 17, Revision W (shortened as Eon-17W). The Eon-17W then was finally introduced to the UEU military, and it proved to be a highly effective weapon against unshielded targets. The results of the Eon-17W was a chain reaction of new research, primarily toward creating an energy shielding system, due to its unparalleled success.



Range 5000 m
Rate of Fire 5 shots per second
Velocity 400 ms-1
Base Damage 8
Armor Damage 1.0x 8
Shield Damage 1.1x 8.8
Subsystem Damage 0.5x 4


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