53rd Hammerheads

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General info

Squadron type: Space Superiority
Craft used the most: GTF Myrmidon
Stationed on-board: GTD Aquitaine
Squadron leader: Lieutenant Loukakis


Some pilots from the 53rd Hammerheads were launched at Delta Serpentis to chase down the SD Lucifer and assist the assault against her in the subspace tunnel, leading to Sol.
The pilots who survived that combat remained forever in the Sol system.

During the Second Great War the 53rd Hammerheads oversaw the evacuation of Cygnus Prime and later found the NTF Iceni in the Deneb asteroid belt and started chasing the ship, for no avail. After the Iceni's escape, the Hammerheads engaged and destroyed two cruiser by the help of the GVD Psamtik, the GTC Impervious and the GTC Glory.