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The Ice Queen Heavy Beam, also known as the BBlue, is a heavy beam cannon used by the GTVA in the FreeSpace 2 mod Blue Planet. Three Ice Queen beams form the primary forward armament of the Titan-class destroyer, and a single "Ice Queen" is mounted alongside two smaller beams on the Bellerophon-class corvette. The Ice Queen is one of the most powerful beam weapons ever made by the GTVA, with an effective range and damage output that far exceeds the venerable Crypt Hammer without sacrificing refire rate or beam lifetime. It's main drawback lies in that its beam emitter is extremely fragile and easily destroyed, although it is just as easy to repair.


Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The Titan-class destroyer and Bellerophon-class corvette mount three 'Ice Queen' heavy beams on spinal mounts. These systems have the ability to decimate destroyer-class targets in only a few salvoes. Drawing massive amounts of power from dedicated meson reactors, the Ice Queen offers an overwhelming direct-fire solution to targets in the frontal arc. The system's beam emitters are easily damaged, but they can be replaced in days.



Range 8 250 m
Recharge Time 30 s
Beam Lifetime 4 s
Type: Direct
Shots 1
Damage per second 8 250
Damage per second (sustained) 1 100
Damage per pulse 33 000


  • Weapon is a beam cannon (beam)
  • Weapon is capable of easily damaging even larger vessels (Huge)
  • Weapon cannot be mounted on small ships (Big Ship)
  • Weapon refire rate is the same on all difficulty levels (same turret cooldown)

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