Battle of Endor Syndrome

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Battle of Endor-scheme missions

What do we mean as Battle of Endor-scheme missions?

The Battle of Endor is a historic and very important battle in the Star Wars universe, which is unique among many science fiction films and universes. The Battle of Endor involved several dozen warships and hundreds of fighters at each side. If you ever hear somebody from the ~FreeSpace community mention about a Battle of Endor-type mission, he is thinking about a mission which involves several warships(often big ones, corvettes and larger) facing each other with space teeming with fighters. In ~FreeSpace, people are advised not to choose this type of mission for massive reasons. They are listed below.

Why should not I make such missions?

Here are the few, but convincing reasons why you should not:

  • Frame per second: Not everybody has a machine that is capable of handling such a large number of craft. This problem is even worse if the person in question FreeSpace Open, which increases the hardware demand when its enhanced graphical features have been turned on.
  • The FreeSpace engine: There is not much that can be said here/ The engine is not designed for massive battles. The AI malfunctions, warships collide, fighters become less accurate and even less intellignet than they are usually.
    • Another note on the engine: The Retail engine (not FreeSpace Open) tends to crash when there is such a large load on the engine. FreeSpace Open is less sensitive, but even that programme cannot handle these types of missions very well. If it could, we would have fewer problems.
  • Beam weapons: Beam battles are neat and everything in FreeSpace, but having numerous warships shooting at each other at the same time is considered overkill. At the least, the player might accidentally run into a beam weapon and die at once, but warships tend to unintentionally hit their friendlies and that 'drops mission balance into the dustbin.'
  • Mission designer's nightmare: If you are a precise and circumspecting mission designer, you will find making such missions terribly painful and nerve-wracking. Testing these missions is not the easiest thing to do, either.

I still insist on doing a Battle of Endor-scheme mission, what should I do

Go ahead, with time and experience you will discover for yourself why this is a bad idea.

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