Battle of the Bulge

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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Establish a blockade at the Ross 128 node in Delta Serpentis.


4th Fleet has been ordered to increase their operations tempo in Delta Serpentis. The first order of business is cutting off the EA's Delta Serpentis fleet from reinforcements inbound from Ross 128.

The main blockading element is Alpha Wing, supported by the GTCv Pollux.


You have two four-ship wings. If you need something faster than the Hercules, prefer the Ereshkigal. (The Perseus or Mihos run a higher risk of getting glassed from the capital ships' anti-air defenses.)

Await the Pollux. Take down Iross and Terra Wings, then assist the Pollux in taking down or driving off the Astraeus, Dauntless and Kanzeon. When Gaia and Pax Wings move to bomb the Pollux, down them.

Once those cruisers are out, take the time to re-arm. Beta Wing will reinforce.

Two more cruisers will come in, the Supreme and the Orpheus. The Pollux will take down the Supreme first, so concentrate on Audrax and Risa Wings guarding the Orpheus.

Then the Palisade will come in, responding are the Siegfried and Borisov. Take down her Beam Cannons before she does too much damage to any of the Pollux, Siegfried or Borisov. (Be very careful if you're near the Bow Cannons, the anti-air shotguns around there will outright kill you. Simple jink moves will shake off the turrets on her sides.) Once those are down, assist Delta Wing of Rheas in scratching the Palisade.

Re-arm again and hang near the node. Coming up is the Tereus-class Resolute. Start working on her portside Beams while the rest of your squadron scratches her interceptors in Ferox Wing.

Once the Resolute is driven off, jump back to base.