Black Omega

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Fighter squadron:


We have successfully extracted the records from Altair 4. They have been partially deciphered and are being moved back to Terran Space. Omega transports will once again be handling the movement of the scientists and the records.
Unfortunately, the Altair system is still controlled by Hammer of Light. One of their flagships, the Anvil, is stationed here, and has gotten word of our presence in this system. It is currently blocking the vector to the subspace node.
The Anvil carries with it a powerful contingent of Vasudan fighters. Intelligence reports two squadrons: one of advanced Thoth space superiority fighters, and one of Horus Interceptors. These fighters have defended the Anvil well.
Intelligence has also detected the presence of a third wing of Vasudan bombers in this system. They will undoubtedly attack our fleeing transports.
Your strike force will once again consist of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma wings. Gamma will provide escort for Alpha while Alpha attacks the Anvil. Beta will ensure the safety of the transports and maintain our fighter superiority.
The Anvil must be destroyed. We are equipping Alpha with Harbinger bombs. These bombs require exact placement and careful maneuvering, but will do massive damage to the Anvil. Beta and Gamma must ensure that the Harbingers reach their target.
Our primary goal, however, is to ensure that Omega 1 and Omega 2 reach the jump node. Destroying the Anvil is the best way to ensure that this goal is accomplished. This mission is of grave importance. Do not fail, pilot. Good luck.


Once the mission has restarted, hit (Shift) + (/). This should put in dual fire mode for your secondary weapon. Now head toward the jump node. While you're heading there, order your wingmen to engage enemy. By this time the Leo bombers should have arrived. Dispatch them. Now you are free to attack the Anvil. Use Harbingers and be suprised at how much damage two of them will do. Switch to your other slot of Harbingers and shoot them at the Anvil. If fighters start attacking Omega 2, tell Gamma wing to protect Omega 2. Once the Anvil is down, destroy any remaining fighters and then stay with the transports until they depart.

If you play on at least Medium and save both transports, you'll receive the Medal of Valor.

Alternative strategy:

The key to this mission is timing. As soon as the bombers jump in, order all your wingmen to engage the enemy; next is the hard part, getting through the fighter screen to strike at the Anvil's weapons subsystem. I find that a loadout of Phoenix/Harbinger/Harbinger works best here as the HoL fighters will often attack you frontally on your way in, making them vulnerable to a couple of anti-bomber warheads to the face. You should concentrate on getting close to the Anvil but if you're getting pounded by the Thoths, don't hesistate to fight back and take evasive maneuvers until they lose interest. If all is proceeding as planned, the Omega transports should be coming under attack from the Anvil just before you take out the subsystem. Be prepared to micromanage your wingmen between engaging the enemy and hanging back by the transports as often a single Horus or Thoth will rudely attempt to wreck the cargo. Whilst doing this, try to get in position to disable the Anvil. If you can manage that, and both Omega transports are at 30%+ integrity at this point, then you've most likely got the medal in the bag. Call in support and finish off the destroyer at your leisure.

FSPort strategy:

Take a Medusa with one rack of Phoenix 5s, one rack of Stilettos, and one rack of Tsunamis. Order your wingmen to engage enemy, and head towards the jumpnode. When Leo arrives, destroy them. Charge the Anvil and destroy its weapons subsystem with your Stilettos. At this point, Omega may be safe, but don't count on it. Attack the Anvil and disable it, keeping a very close eye on the transports. Make sure you tell your wingmen to ignore it once its hull integrity integrity drops below forty percent--this prevents them from stealing your kill. You could try this mission with an Ursa, but I wouldn't recommend it; its horrible speed and maneuverability will make your task much harder.

Alternate Missions

If only one Omega transport survived the last mission, then only one Omega transport will be in this mission. In this scenario, you receive the Medal of Valor, no matter your performance in this mission.


  • If the Anvil is still hanging around if the Omega transports make it to the node, the destroyer will jump out shortly afterwards, robbing you of a medal and making the next mission tougher than it needs to be. A solution to this is to disable the Anvil, but usually ends up happening most of the time since a Typhon tends to get disabled when one or two warheads explode on it near the rear.

Notable ships present