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The following information refers to the Solaris universe and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace continuity.

Black Sun is the second campaign set in the Solaris continuity, and describes the events happened after the first Solaris campaign.

General Information


Author: Darius
Missions: 12
Released: October 9th, 2021


Two weeks have passed since the events at Morik. Stuart Ross, disillusioned by his experiences as a Federation exchange pilot, is contacted by an old friend from a previous backwater Navy posting to take up a mercenary job in the fringes of colonised space. This seems like a perfect change of pace - until Ross realises that you can't always run from your past.


  • Standalone total conversion
  • A new 12-mission campaign
  • Fast-paced challenging combat that rewards smart play
  • Uses an overhauled AI to create dynamic, intelligent enemies
  • Cinematic battles
  • Epic soundtrack

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