Blood of the Innocents

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Fighter squadron: 82nd Nighthawks

Description: Our hero is scrambled to assist in the defense of a Vasudan installation against the GTD Hades.



You and Alpha Wing will be piloting a GTF Valkyrie with a Shield Breaker, Prometheus, and Interceptor missiles. Beta Wing will consist of four Ulysses, and Epsilon will be consisting of three Seths.

Dogfight, dogfight, dogfight. You will face multiple waves of Medusa bombers and Loki fighters. Then assign Alpha and Beta wings to help with the station evacuation.

Destroy the Zeus that's heading towards the Egyptos's reactor. You will have a special warning from Command when this happens.

Dogfight, dogfight, and dogfight until the Hades jumps in. Then get as far as you can from the station and wait until you receive orders to withdraw.


  • This mission is known to load very slowly, due to the hi-poly GVI Karnak, which is one of the most complex models to date.