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Blue Planet is the overall name of a series of campaigns set 18 years after the events of FS2.

Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius, released in 2007, introduced the universe, and describes the struggles and adventures of the GTVA's 14th Battlegroup, an elite force of ships sent on a mission to reestablish contact with Earth. As they take a detour through a parallel reality where the Lucifer succeeded in wiping out Earth during the events of the original FreeSpace, one officer gains insight into the greater forces at work in the fabric of the multiverse.

In February 2010, AoA was rereleased with voice acting, reorganized modpack, and new assets.

Blue Planet: War in Heaven, released in August 2010, details the final weeks of a civil war between the government of Earth and the GTVA after contact was reestablished. It focuses on the journey of a young woman torn between the ideals of her upbringing, and the necessities of fighting a war for the survival of the human race.

The Blue Planet project focuses on story telling first and foremost, detailing a possible explanation for the events in the original FreeSpace and FreeSpace 2, and then following it to a logical conclusion.

It is also renowned for its exceptional music selection and mission design.

General Info

Project Lead: Darius

Other members:

  • Dilmah G - Testing, Mission Designer
  • Dragon - Texture Artist
  • Esarai - Modeller
  • Fury - Testing, Tabler
  • General Battuta - Voice Acting Managing, Testing, Mission Designer
  • HerraTohtori - Skybox Artist
  • Rian - Voice Acting Managing
  • Steve O - Modelling
  • The E - Interface Art, Voice Acting management assistance
  • Zacam - Testing, Mod pack management


  • AoA: 22
  • WiH: 30 (estimated)

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