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<b>Original Author:</b> Peter Drake <br>
;Original Author: Peter Drake
<b>Contents of Mod:</b>
;Contents of Mod:
* 4 Mission files
* 4 Mission files
* 56 WAV files (voiceacting)
* 56 WAV files (voiceacting)
<b>Number of mission:</b> 4
;Number of mission: 4

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Original Author
Peter Drake
Contents of Mod
  • 4 Mission files
  • 56 WAV files (voiceacting)
Number of mission


From Hades-Combine by Spicous Protect civilian traffic from Shivan raids, and discover a devastating new technology.

Fully voice acted.


This campaign is currently re-mastered for the sake of compatibilty with the latest FS Open. See Campaign Restoration for more information.

Campaign Restoration

Leading Member: (Not known, guess is Karajorma)
Other Members: (Not known)

Player Comments


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