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All cheats must be typed in-mission. Use of cheats in FS1 (except before Red-Alert missions) will result in inability to continue the campaign from beyond that current mission.

With that being said, all cheats are listed below:

  • To get access to all movies in the tech room, type freespacestandsalone.
  • To summon a Volition Bravos pirate ship, type arrrrwalktheplank (that's 4 Rs).
  • Type humanheadzinside in the Vasudan mainhall for the headz cheat.
  • Type vasudanswavfishies in the Vasudan mainhall to see some colorful fishies.
  • Type skipmemymissionyo in either mainhall to pop up a skip mission dialog. Enter the filename of the mission to skip to. This will destroy any legitimate campaign progress.
  • Type tooldeworkedowned during the mission to see pictures of Jim Boone or Alan Lawrence pop up every time you make a kill.
  • To use the cheats below in FS1, type You must press and hold the ` key (upper left hand of keyboard, left of the number 1) while typing the following codes. Note that only gameplay cheats will work in FS1; you cannot summon arrrwalktheplank, the mainhall cheats, and so forth.
  • To use the cheats below in FS2, type and follow the same procedure.
Shift-C Toggle availability of countermeasures for all ships.
K Kill targeted ship.
Alt-Shift-K Do 10% damage to target.
Shift-K Destroy targeted subsystem on target.
Note: This does not appear to work.
Alt-K Do 10% damage to yourself.
I Toggle self-invincibility.
O Toggle Descent-style physics. This means that you have no inertia or momentum, your afterburners do nothing but jerk you to a halt instantly, and you can slide with the keypad +, -, 1 and 3 keys.
W The player has infinite weapon energy and missile ammunition.
Shift-W All ships have infinite weapon energy and missile ammunition.
C Toggles player collision detection, allowing you to pass through objects and ships.
G Mark all primary goals complete.
Shift-G Mark all secondary goals complete.
Alt-G Mark all bonus goals complete.
9 Cycle forward through ALL secondary weapons, including the Shivan and Vasudan ones and cruiser/destroyer only ones. This includes the Fusion Mortar, an anti-capital ship turret weapon that does not require a lock to be fired.
Shift-9 Cycle backwards through ALL secondary weapons
0 Cycle forward through ALL primary weapons, including the Shivan and Vasudan ones and cruiser/destroyer only ones. This includes the Shivan Super Laser, AKA the Lucifer Weapon. This can kill a Demon at 6 kilometers in only a couple of shots, but is not as useful in a dogfight because of its slow traveling time.
Shift-0 Cycle backwards through ALL primary weapons.
r Issue Rearm order for current target, or player if there is no target.


In FS2 only, it's possible to use cheats and still progress in a campaign. In FS1, however, you can only proceed in the campaign after cheating if the next mission is a red-alert. In both FS1 and FS2, The infinite missile cheat "carries over" in any subsequent missions, even if the player exits the campaign. The only way to disable infinite missile supply without restarting the application is to enable cheat mode and then disable the cheat.

In FS1 you can also get infinite weapon energy and missile ammunition by enabling the infinite weapon energy and missile ammunition cheat in one of the Tech Room single missions, then quitting the mission. You will have infinite energy and ammo in Campaign, and will still be able to continue the campaign.