Clash of the Titans

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Fighter squadron:


We have few chances to stop the Lucifer. It is heading to the Sol system but we have an opportunity to head them off at Sirius.

If you encounter the Lucifer in Sirius hold it off until the rest of the fleet can catch up to you.


First, make all of Alpha wing Valkyries (including yourself) since they have a high top speed and acceleration, which is ideal for intercepting bombers, and equip them with Banshee and Prometheus cannons since Ulysses can't use them. Give them Hornet missiles, but give yourself interceptors (you'll see later). Assign Alpha wing to protect the Bastion. Make all of Beta wing Ursa bombers and equip them with Harbingers, Synaptics (for defense) and Stillettos. Have them attack the Tantalus while you provide cover for the Bastion (sounds like suicide). Your job is to target all of the bombers first (VERY IMPORTANT) before they can reach the Bastion. The ones to look out for are the Nephilims (initially) and Shaitans (later). A helpful way of protecting the Bastion is to target all of the megabombs being delivered if you can't intercept all of the bombers in time. Target them with B since hostile (H) targeting won't pick them up. Use the interceptors that you equipped to target the bombs since they have a faster lock and velocity. Once you cleaned them up, go for rest of the packs, especially Basilisks since they have nasty swarm bombs. When your done with them, the Tantalus should be very low on health and feel free to destroy it with whatever remaining fighters you have. In a moment the Bastion will jump out and the mission will be complete.

The alternative way is to hand out bombers to all your wings, load them all up with Harbingers and proceed to (surprisingly easily) reduce the Tantalus to scrap metal. Ignore the bombers and fighters. By the time the Tantalus implodes, the Bastion usually has some 75-80% hull strength. At this point, simply aid the unfortunate behemoth in taking down the stray enemy wings. Wait for the Bastion to bail, then do likewise. A lot easier than sitting through a quite meaningless furball, if one goes by the numbers, that is.

Notable ships present