Darkness Before The Abyss

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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Capture an EA Cargo Depot in Ross 128.


The 74th Templars have been transferred to the GTD Seleceus, as the GTVA fleet moves to assault positions in Ross 128.

The objective of this sortie is to capture an EA Cargo Depot, guarded by multiple cruisers and strike craft.


You have two three-ship wings. Recommend switching out the Hercules Mark III for the Ereshkigal, you'll probably need the extra speed. (Do not expect the Perseus or the Mihos to last long against any of the cruisers' anti-air batteries, if you desire to use either one, have Stilettos or Corinthos LRMs on hand to take out subsystems at long range.)

Start by taking out Gaia and Thalassa Wings, keeping your distance from the Sidonis and Alcibiades.

Then, use your anti-system missiles to destroy both of the Carriers' Radar Systems (they take three Stilettos each). That will temporarily shut down the depot's sentry grid.

The Aglyptis and Ephilates will jump into the field. Their fighters won't come to you yet, in the meantime, destroy the freighters. Once you're done with that, start drawing Lux and Iross Wings away from their escorts and take them out. Those two ships will have taken off.

Everything seems fine for now, until an anomaly pops up in the depot. Command warns you about this, so get to full burners and get five kilometers away from the danger zone (a beacon will mark the epicenter).

After you get clear, watch the fireworks show, listen to some exposition, and jump back to base.