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The EA OmegaX-Class


Tech Room Description

Believed to be horrifying by many and a wonder of Earth technological ingenuity by others, the Omega-X design is no doubt an impressive vessel. Sometimes refered to as a Shadow Omega, it utilized organic technology that President Clarke's regime was able to recreate through unknown means. Equipped with a semi-organic hull overlayed on a standard Omega hull, the vessel was impressively strong and its enhanced weaponry were Fusion type weapons of considerable power. Despite these incredible advances, the Omega-X have believed to have been all destroyed during a confrontation with Captain Sheridan's WhiteStar Fleet. Nonetheless, some technologies on the Omega-X have found their way into Earth's latest designs.

Veteran Comments



Type Destroyer
Manufacturer Earth Alliance
Maneuverability Very Good
Max Velocity 45 mps
Armor Heavy Capital
Hitpoints 165000
Length ???