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General Info

  • Author: Apollo
  • Status: Unreleased

  • Length:
  • The Coward's Blade: around 12 missions
  • Future installments: undecided


Chapter 1:


Twenty years have passed since the Second Shivan Incursion. When Capella was destroyed, it drove the Alliance into a state of panic. None of our warships-not even the Colossus-were able to stand up to the overwhelming firepower of the Shivan juggernauts, and had we not sealed them of in Capella, the Alliance would have been annihilated. As it stood, we had lost nearly all of the 3rd Fleet-save for the GTD Aquitaine-and billions of Capellan citizens. These events caused economic depression and severely damaged the reputation of the Security Council and the GTVA in general-they had promised a military solution to the Shivan threat, and when the time came they were arrogant and unprepared.

To end the depression and again strengthen the military, the Security Council passed the Armada Declaration, a program of massive military spending. This plan would employ billions of civilian workers and create a fleet of next-generation warships capable of matching or exceeding the damage output of their Shivan counterparts. This ambitious project has taken over fifteen years to complete, and there are some within the Alliance that have criticized it, calling it an unnecessary and costly waste of resources-the Shivans have not been sighted for twenty years, and many doubt that they will ever return. Ultimately, though, the Declaration has been a success-at least from a military perspective. With the funds provided by the Declaration, we have improved every aspect of our fleet. New beam weapons and torpedos have been created, giving the next-generation warships a massive punch. Our laser turrets, once almost useless, have become a deadly threat to strikecraft, and our point-defense missiles have been upgraded with vastly enchanced range and ROF.

But when the Shivans finally return, will we truly be ready?

Shivan forces have taken over Eos-256, and the 7th Fleet is being sent to reclaim the system. You are a member of the elite 276th Highlanders bomber squadron, and you're about to be caught in a milennia-old war.