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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Reclaim Alshain Station.


The 74th Templars are assigned to recapture Alshain Station in Beta Aquilae, to disrupt the Earth Alliance's communications hub across the system and to cripple their command and control network in Janus.


You will have four three-ship wings to start. Alpha and Delta Wings consist of Artemis bombers, while Beta and Gamma Wings consist of Ereshkigals.

If you need extra torpedoes on hand, you can swap the Artemis out for the Boanerges. If you want to fly either an Ereshkigal or Mihos, load both of your secondary banks with Stilettos. The Artemis is capable of mounting the Hurricane or Shadow missiles, so you and your fellow bombers can join the dogfight if pressed.

Keep one or two extra fighters defending the GTA Alacritas. While two ships from Zeta Wing are guarding it, they'll need an extra helping hand.

Two capital assets are capable of calling for reinforcements, the Hypax and the Junor.

Start charging the Hypax. Take out its Navigation Subystem to prevent it from jumping for reinforcements (five to six Stilettos will do the trick). Then direct one wing of your bombers to destroy the Junor.

Set the rest of Beta and Gamma Wings on cleaning out the fighters or defending the Alacritas. Alpha and Delta Wings should be silencing the Comms Arrays Extensions on the Station (destroy the "Comm Array" subystems only, they should take anywhere between six to eight Cyclops to pop).

Once the Comms Arrays are offline, the Reyes will come in (and the Alacritas should depart). Take out the station's Beam Cannons (for the sake of speed, order your bombers to disarm the station).

After the Beam Cannons are down, the Reyes will force the station to surrender. After all of that is done, you can park in the Reyes.