Exodus (ST:R)

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Fighter squadron: 82nd Nighthawks

Description: Our hero assists a convoy under attack from rebel forces.


Joining the 82nd Nighthawks of the GTD Soyakaze, Intelligence has now known that the GTD Repulse and GTI's R&D were ultimately responsible for the destruction of the Krios and "sanitized" many of the Krios's fighter ops in Ross 128. When the Soyakaze transmitted the implicating evidence to GTA High Command, R&D has gone rogue and the Repulse fled Ross 128 into Delta Serpentis.

Soon after, the GTD Repulse launched a surprise attack at a Vasudan diplomatic complex in Delta Serpentis. Right now, Alpha Wing is assigned to defend craft that evacuated and are en route to a safe zone. As R&D has access to the Alliance FleetNet, Alpha Wing has to hold out and defend the convoy until additional help arrives.


A recommended ship is the GTF Valkyrie. If you can't handle fast yet fragile craft, the Apollo serves well.

This is a customary convoy escort mission. Stay close to the convoy and pick the nearest targets. Expect some Valkyries, Ulysses, and Hercules fighters.

Defend all the convoy craft is the bonus goal.


  • The main campaigns of FS1, ST, and FS2 all contain a mission named Exodus. This mission was specifically named so that ST:R would too.
  • The command briefing for this mission (including the choice of briefing music) was patterned after the one in Return to Babel.