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#REDIRECT [[Squadron list]]
Fighter squadrons first appeared in FreeSpace 2, but some squadrons are said to have taken part in the [[The Great War|Great War]], too. We have only a very few canon fighter squadrons, but remarkably more non-canon ones, used in [[User-made Campaigns]].
An exact number of pilots to form a squadron is unknown, it is estimated to be 12, or any of its multiplicants. One flagship houses more than one squadrons, the [[GTD Aquitaine]] was housing five squadrons, according to the FreeSpace 2 main campaign.
==Great War-era fighter squadrons==
*1st Avenging Angels
*13th Reapers
*23rd Flying Panthers
*33rd Jokers
*47th Cutthroats
*[[53rd Hammerheads]]
*66th Black Knights
*79th Predators
*81st Screaming Weasels
*103rd Flaming Skulls
*[[107th Ravens]]
*[[242nd Suicide Kings]]
*[[203rd Scorpions]]
==FreeSpace 2-era fighter squadrons==
===GTVA - Terran===
*[[53rd Hammerheads]]
*[[64th Raptors]]
*[[70th Blue Lions]]
*[[99th Skulls]]
*[[107th Ravens]]
*[[134th Barracudas]]
*[[242nd Suicide Kings]]
===GTVA - Vasudan===
*[[203rd Scorpions]]
==Non-canon fighter squadrons==
===Terran-Vasudan War-era squadrons===
===Great War-era===
===Reconstruction era===
===FreeSpace 2-era===
*[[Iron Wolves]] ([[Flames of War]])
*[[Blood Reapers]] ([[Flames of War]])
*[[95th Knights of Vengance]] ([[Flames of War]])
*[[212th Silver Scythes]] ([[Derelict]])
*[[122nd Gemini]] ([[Renegade Ressurgence]])
*[[76th Predators]] ([[Renegade Ressurgence]])
*[[88th Nova-Squadron]] ([[StormFront]])
*[[96th Reptile]] ([[Renegade Ressurgence]])
*[[33rd Heavy Fighter Squadron]] ([[Cleaning Crew]])
*[[222nd Nightwolves]] ([[Blue Planet]])
*[[Knights of the White Brotherhood]] ([[Blue Planet]])
==Notes to Wiki expanders==
'''If you insert a non-canon squadron, please append the name of the campaign in brackets, if possible which gives a link to an internal or external source.'''
''For example:''
*212th Scythes ([http://freespace.volitionwatch.com/derelict/ Derelict])
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