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The FreeSpace Open Installer is an attempt to significantly reduce the difficulty of installing FreeSpace Open over a Retail FreeSpace 2 installation. The Installer was coded by Turey using the NSIS development environment for Eclipse. The first version was released on October 16, 2006, and the latest versions of the exe and the source code can be found at

More information about the Installer can be found on Hard Light Productions.


The Installer is designed to be one-size-fits-all, so that dial-up users can have a small Installer that only installs the necessary files, while broadband users can have an Installer that downloads all the extras for them. The Installer automatically checks to see if it is outdated, and will bring up the download page of the newest version if it is outdated. The first version of the Installer included only the Executables and the MediaVPs. Since then, many other parts have been added and refined.

FreeSpace Open Executables

The Executables were originally packaged as part of the installer, which added about eight megabytes to the size of the Installer. However, as of the 3.6.9 - RC 7.9x version, the Executables have been taken out of the Installer file and are downloaded at runtime.


One of the most common problems people have installing FreeSpace Open is that they do not install OpenAL. From the first version, the Installer has had an option to download and run the OpenAL installer automatically.


The MediaVPs are a set of graphical enhancements to FreeSpace Open, created by the FreeSpace Upgrade Project. These upgrades have been included since the first version, and as of version 3.6.9 - RC 7.9x, they use the Mod Installation System (see below).

Mod Installation System

The Mod Installation System is a feature that first made its appearance in version 3.6.9 - RC 7.9x. The system allows the creator(s) of a mod or campaign to include their work in the Installer, so that it can be downloaded and installed at the same time as FreeSpace Open. By interfacing with text files, the Installer can get the most recent files for each mod directly from that mod's web site. This allows mod creators to update their files at any time, without the need for a new release of the Installer.

Help with the Mod Installation System can be found at

Mods and Campaigns currently included in the Installer:


Just Another Day

Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

Version History

This section may be out of date. For the most recent information, visit the corresponding changelog on Hard Light Productions.

3.6.9 - RC 7.9x

-Cut Installer size from 8.78 MB to 239 KB -New exes - 7.9x version -Added Automatic Mod Install options, with mod dependencies and optional files. -Gets mod folders and files directly from the Mod's site, and utilizes a .txt file that allows the Mod leaders to make sure that people installing always get the latest files. -Reworked the mediavps option to use the new mod system. -Released Installer source for anyone to download and use, as long as you give me credit if you use the code in another Installer. -Fixed a whole host of other bugs.

3.6.9 - RC 7.8 - Mk. 3

-Changed Media_VPs to mediavps -Uninstaller now removes itself when it finishes uninstalling. -Removed option in the uninstaller to uninstall OpenAL, as it didn't do anything anyways.

3.6.9 - RC 7.8 - Mk. 2

-Cut Installer size from 30.57 to 8.78 MB -Now downloads 710 patches -new file host - allows for direct linking to download.

3.6.9 - RC 7.8

-Initial public release.