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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the following storylines:

  • Freespace 2

The GTCv Deimos was a common ship in Freespace 2, in the hands of both the GTVA and the NTF. Faster and more manoeuvrable than destroyers, but with more firepower than cruisers, these ships, along with the GVCv Sobek filled a much needed role in between these two classes. Their armour is made from collapsed-core molybdenum, which giving protection against beam fire, and allowing it around 80% of the hull strength of the much larger Orion and Hecate destroyers. Their reactors are highly efficient Vasudan models, which give them the power output required to maintain their many beams and other turrets.

Two Deimos class corvettes (The GTCv Actium and the GTCv Lysander), along with 2 wings of fighters, were the first GTVA vessels to officially come into contact with a Ravana class vessel. The Lysander was destroyed by a beam from this ship before anyone even knew it was out there.

Ship Statistics

Weapons Configuration

Ship Systems

FS2 Tech Room Description

Deimos-class corvettes, such as the GTCv Actium and the GTCv Lysander, are the newest addition to the Terran fleet. These sleek, ultra-modern warships are the products of a new era of ship design, maximizing maneuverability and firepower. Their hulls are strengthened with collapsed-core molybdenum sheathing for better protection against beam fire, and their Vasudan-designed reactor core provides more energy per ton than any other allied ship class. As the Leviathan and Fenris cruisers of the Great War are gradually phased out, these corvettes will become the foundation of tomorrow's fleet.

Veteran Comments

Realistically, while the Deimos is nice, its four heavy beams are the inaccurate slashing type which makes the statement that it's as powerful as a destroyer kinda... debatable. It's probably accurate to say though, that it's anti-ship capabilities are better than the other corvettes. Its anti-figher defenses are formidable if approached without caution, but entirely useless if one approaches from the correct angle.-- M

Think of the Deimos as a bigger, meaner version of the Aeolus. Your best approach is from dead ahead, even though that risks getting hit by an errant slash shot and being instantly vaporized. Side approaches must deal with an AAA beam, flak gun, bomblets from the side-mounted Piranha launcher, two Terran Light Turrets, and possibly some number of Terran Heavy Turrets. A stern approach borders on suicide, with two AAA beams, two flak guns, and bomblets from both Piranha launchers. - ngtm1r