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{{shipimage|image=[[Image:Nix.jpg]]|caption=The GTF Phoenix}}
{{shipimage|image=[[Image:NIx.jpg]]|caption=The GTF Phoenix}}
The '''GTF ''Phoenix''''' is an Advanced Assault Fighter.  
The '''GTF ''Phoenix''''' is an Advanced Assault Fighter.  

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The GTF Phoenix

The GTF Phoenix is an Advanced Assault Fighter.


FOW Tech Room Description

"The Phoenix was developed by a joint team from Tryton Dynamics, Subach Ins. and Han-Roland corp. This advanced fighter has weaker shields than is expected and a small secondary payload. Two FR-3L Nova reactors grant him an insane power output, resulting in fast shield and weapon recharge, and four advanced fusion engines supply it with great speed and manuverability. This, combined with an huge weapon compability make it a devastating weapon. Usage is restricted to SOC sqadrons only."

Developer Notes

Nano-repair bots and 2 rectors mean the ship is hard to kill. Fast-recharging shields & weapons, and a hull that slowly repairs itself are it's biggest strenghts.

Veteran Comments



Type Advanced Assault
Manufacturer T-S-H Group
Manuverability Good
Max Velocity 75.0 - 95.0 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity 160.0 mps
Armor Heavy
Hitpoints 275
Shields 400
Length 26 m


2x2 gun mounts (Vindicator, Vindicator)

2x4 missile mounts (Harpoon, Tempest)