GTM Cyclops

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This was among the first weapons developed specifically to engage and destroy enemy warships. With this weapon, a single bomber wing possesses firepower that can easily neutrialize a cruiser, possibly even a corvette. The Cyclops is unsurprisingly heavy and large. The only thing that manages to pack more sheer destructive energy in a fighter-deployed tactical weapon is the special issue GTM Helios torpedo.

Moving slowly, with an extensive aspect lock sequence and long reloading cycle, there's more to deploying a Cyclops than simply getting into range and pushing the button. The gunners of anti-fighter defenses like light beam cannons and flak guns are trained to shoot down incoming torpedoes, and the bombers that launch them. One must be very cautious in choosing the optimum approach angle, to avoid as many anti-fighter defenses as possible. While the Cyclops has maximum range of about 2.5km, its effective range should be considered to be about 500 meters or less. By releasing your weapon this close to the target, the enemy flak has a much smaller chance of disabling your torpedo in flight. If possible you should get even closer, launch the weapon at the last second, then pull up sharply and use your burners to escape the blast radius.

Guarding vessels are advised to intercept bombers as far away as possible from their intended target. This gives you time to neutralize the bombers and, if necessary, the torpedoes in flight. The GTW Morning Star is a highly recommended anti-bomber/anti-torpedo tool.