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==Download link:==
==Download link:==
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All information related to the GTT Corsair is non-canon.
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The GTT Corsair

Tech Room Description

The GTT Corsair is a heavy assualt troop transport, it's based on the obsolete GTT Elysium transport design chassis. Redesigned with mutch heavier armor , extra turrets and thrusters. And with it's optimized powergrid the GTT Corsair gields twice as mutch power output as the Elysium.

Blue Planet Tech Room Description

After decades of distinguished service, the Elysium class of transports were showing their age, and a sturdier replacement was needed. Thus the Corsair was born. While larger than the old Elysium, it is still dwarfed by the GTVA tactical transport, Argo. The Corsair is better equipped to defend itself, however. In the past 18 months, the Corsair has proved itself to be a reliable transport even in the heat of battle, conducting high-risk marine insertions. One of its most notable sorties was the ill-fated Kubara boarding.


  • Model by Oddgrim




Name GTT Corsair
Type Transport
Max Velocity 45 ms-1
Hitpoints 8500 pts
Length 52 m
Turrets 4 turrets

Blue Planet

Name UET Corsair
Type Transport
Manufacturer Triton Dynamics / Akheton
Max Velocity 40 ms-1
Armor Heavy
Hitpoints 5000 pts
Length 39 m
Turrets 4 turrets


Default Statistics Blue Planet
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
Subach HL-7 4 UEF Light Turret 4

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