GTVBS Archangel Mk2

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All information related to the GTVBS Archangel Mk2 is non-canon.
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The GTVBS Archangel Mk2

Arch Test1.jpg
The GTVBS Archangel final variant

The GTVBS Archangel Mk2 is a huge battleship deployed by the GTVA.


FOW Tech Room Description

GTVBS Archangel is the most advanced warship ever constructed. Measuring an impressive 4500 meters, it packs more firepower and armor than the Colossus and can concentrate at least 60% of its total firepower at any point in space. This comes at a cost however, as it can carry only a handful of scouts and interceptors. All further data is classified level Rho.

Developer Notes




Type Heavy Battleship
Manufacturer Unknown
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity 30
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Armor N/A
Hitpoints 1 250 000
Shields 0 / 2 000 000
Width 1176 m
Height 925 m
Length 4512 m
Fighter Complement 36 (standard)


Flames of War
Turret Type Amount
Terran Turret 5
Terran Anti-bomber Turret 14
Standard Flak 4
Heavy Flak 12
Long Range Flak 6
AAAf 8
Gattling Turret 6
PDS-Defender 6
HEGreen 4
Heavy Ion Cannon 8x2
Fury MK V Missile 4
TNM-01 Supernova 1x2

Veteran Comments

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This is possibly the most overpowered ship ever to be created for the FS universe. If you choose to include it in your mod, it would be very advisable to modify the statistics.