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*Weapon has [[Weapons.tbl#Weapon Flags|Puncture]] flag which causes the reduced the hull damage
*Weapon has [[Weapons.tbl#Weapon Flags|Puncture]] flag which reduces the damage inflicted to the target's hull

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The GTW-41 Disruptor Cannon is a primary weapon which can deliver heavy subsystem damage while inflicting only minor hull damage. This combination makes the Disruptor appropriate for disabling and disarming hostile ships in preparation for capture operations.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2

The GTW-41 Disruptor Cannon

Tech Room Data

A gas-focused krypton laser - when the ship is in flight, the chamber of the GTW-41 rotates at a constant speed - a small amount of NO2 is injected into the container .05 ms prior to the emission of the laser light - the rotation of the NO2 in the chamber focuses the laser pulse to a state that is only very slightly (1%) diffused - after the laser pulse is emitted from the chamber into space, the chamber expels the NO2 into space (thus expelling ionized molecules and moisture) - the process repeats for each subsequent burst of laser energy - as this laser is very slightly diffused, it is not effective as a destructive weapon, but as a tactical weapon - the Disruptor Cannon is best suited and is used for the permanent disabling of enemy ship subsystems.

The Disruptor Cannon should be utilized in all capture operations in order to minimize risk of targets destruction.

Developer Notes

The anti-subsystem weapon



Name GTW Disruptor
Range 640 m
Rate of fire 3.33 s-1
Velocity 475 ms-1
Damage 15
Armor damage 0.875
Shield damage 1.5
Subsystem damage 15

Additional properties


  • Weapon has Puncture flag which reduces the damage inflicted to the target's hull

Veteran Comments

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FS1's subsystem-buster. The Disruptor is marginally more effective against shields than the GTW ML-16 Laser, so if you're trapped without GTW-15 Avenger Cannons and need to punch through shielding, a combination of this and the GTM-3 Fury Missile will serve you fairly well. If the Avenger's available, though, take that in preference.