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The Vasudan variant of the GTW Subach HL-7, the GTW Mekhu HL-7 is, statistically, a slightly superior weapon. It boasts a higher rate of fire, better range, and a fraction more damage, however, it is less efficient and lacks the single hit power of its Terran counterpart. Although less efficient than the Subach, the Mekhu HL-7 still consumes very little power and, like the Subach gives an acceptable level of damage, making it a viable choice throughout your tour of duty. The Mekhu HL-7 can only be mounted on Vasudan fighters and bombers.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The GTW Mekhu HL-7

Tech Room Data

The Mekhu HL-7 is the Vasudan re-engineered variant of the Subach HL-7 xaser. Modifications made to the design by engineers at Mekhu give it a higher firing rate and longer range than the original Terran version. These improvements come at the cost of a slight decrease in power output. This trade-off fits well with Vasudan military tactics, but most Terran pilots prefer the performance of the original weapon.


Statistics - Mekhu HL-7

Range 970 m
Rate of Fire 6.67 shots per second
Velocity 485 ms-1
Base Damage 12
Armor Damage Full 10.8
Shield Damage Very Good 9.6
Subsystem Damage Poor 3.6

Statistics - Mekhu HL-D

Range 970 m
Rate of Fire 6.67 shots per second
Velocity 485 ms-1
Base Damage 18
Armor Damage Very Good 16.8
Shield Damage Full 18
Subsystem Damage Very Poor 3.6


Veteran Comments

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The Mekhu is used in place of the GTW Subach HL-7 in Vasudan fighters. The Mekhu has a huge fire rate - same as the GTW Morning Star, moves faster than the Subach HL-7, does (slightly) more damage-per-second, but has less overall hitting power (per shot damage), and is less efficient. I personally prefer the Subach HL-7 to this weapon, but it is quite effective. For more details on exact specifications see Weapon Comparison (FS2).

The dogfight variant of the Mekhu is probably the best dogfight variant weapon.

I personally prefer the rapid fire of the Mekhu to the Subach. A constant bombardment with this weapon wears down both shields and hull rather fast. It's simply better at dealing damage and it's easier to hit fast opponents with it.

The Mekhu is, for me, the main attraction of Vasudan fighters. In my opinion, it is the best all-around primary weapon in the entire game. It has a higher rate of fire than any other gun except the Morning Star and the Maxim, neither of which are effective against shields, and it uses next to no energy.

Fire rate is not so vastly improved you can immediately tell a difference between the two... at least in the middle of a dogfight.

I don't mind using the Mekhu, since my accuracy's one of the worst in GTVA history. I could fire both primaries (loaded with Mekhus) at once and they'll do even more damage than a single Subach at the exact same fire rate as it. The fire rate of this weapon is especially useful when shooting down bombs.

A better weapon than the Subach in most circumstances, for several reasons: better range, better rate of fire, better projectile velocity, better sustained damage-per-second, and it still retains a negligible power draw. This translates into greater effectiveness in intercepting warheads, escorting convoys, hitting speedy targets, and keeping sustained fire on target. If your shots travel faster, the target has less time or ability to dodge, and the amount of lead you have to account for is lessened. If you're taking a high-energy weapon like the Maxim or Prometheus S in one bank, putting the Mekhu in the other is a good option.