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All information related to the GVC Newet is non-canon.
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GVC Newet

The HTL Newet.

The Newet is a Vasudan cruiser designed by Oddgrim. Originally released in August 2007, Oddgrim redesigned and upgraded the Newet in September 2012. Although primarily a HTL type high-poly upgrade, the new Newet also changed elements such as turret count and tabling.


Tech Room Description

The Newet class saw its beginnings shortly after the outbreak of the NTF Rebellion in 2366, impressed by the combat effectiveness of the GVC Aeolus class in the conflict and reconzing the need for a compact flak platform equivalent, Vasudan Command comissoned Akheton Corporation and RNI Shipyards to construct a cruiser of simlar function. RNI would supply the weapons systems and their signature smoothbarreled Slug Flak cannon platforms. While Akheton would be resposible for proving the main design and construction.


  • Original Model and HTL Upgrade by Oddgrim



Name GVC Newet
Type Cruiser
Manufacturer Unknown
Max Velocity 35 ms-1
Hitpoints 38000 pts
Length 410 m
Width 158 m
Height 75 m
Turrets 13 turrets

HTL Remake

Name GVC Newet
Type Cruiser
Manufacturer Akheton Corporation and RNI Shipyards
Max Velocity 35 ms-1
Hitpoints 45000 pts
Length 406 m
Width 166 m
Height 82 m
Turrets 16 turrets


Original Model HTL Remake
Turret Type Number Turret Type Number
SVas 3 SVas 1
AAAf 4 AAAf 4
Standard Flak 5 Standard Flak 5
Terran Turret 6

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