GVD Hatshepsut

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FS2 Description

In 2360, Allied Command commissioned the first of the GVD Hatshepsut-class destroyers. The Vasudan contractor Akheton designed the Hatshepsut to efficiently integrate the new beam cannon. The process of retrofitting the older Typhon-class warships yielded vessels prone to system failures and reactor overloads. Though a handful of modified Typhons remain in service, the Hatshepsut has taken over as the primary Vasudan destroyer. With 24 turrets, 5 beam cannons, and 2 fighterbays, destroyers such as GVD Psamtik of Deneb's 13th Battle Group serve at the vanguard of the modern Vasudan fleet.

Wiki Comments

The Hatshepsut is not as much effective against fighters than the GTD Hecate-class, but her BVas beams mean danger to anything larger than a bomber and can be targeted with beam cannons. It's a setback that the beam turrets are large, thereby easy to hit, and vulnerable.

There is a nice, glowmapped version for the Hatshepsut's textures in the SCP MediaVP.