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There are several different ways of getting your hands on FreeSpace 2.

FreeSpace Open Installer

An installer has been created by Turey to make the process of installing FS2 and FS2 Open a real cinch. This is the easiest way to get all the files you will need in one shot.

The community members hosting these files need to pay for all of the bandwidth that gets used, so please don't download ten copies on ten different computers. Please download it once, then burn the FreeSpace folder onto DVD / CD-R's and transfer it.

See the following article on obtaining and using the FreeSpace Open Installer.

The Home of the Underdogs (HOTU)

HOTU has a copy of FS2 available for download. Follow this link to get to the HOTU FS2 page.

HOTU has always been a reliable way of getting FS2. This version is missing the original cut-scene videos (which is no loss to you if you are using FS2 Open), and it uses a no-CD patched version.

You have the option of downloading files from HOTU using BitTorrent. For more information, see the BitTorrent Section on this page.

NOTE: This version is already updated to final retail version (1.2).


See the main BitTorrent Article if you need information about getting a BitTorrent client and getting FS2.

The major advantage of getting FreeSpace in this manner is in lowering bandwidth costs. The more people you have sharing copies, the faster you can grab the torrent. A link to a tracker is provided below for your convenience.

NOTE: If you download the original *.iso files, you will have to download and install the FS2 version 1.2 update.

BitTorrent Trackers


While no longer as popular as BitTorrent, you can still grab FS2 ISO's using an ED2k client.

Once you install the clients, you can either search for FS2, or use the direct links provided below:

NOTE: If you download the original *.iso files, you will have to download and install the FS2 version 1.2 update.

eD2k links

Complete CD Images (ISO) (You need to download all 3)


Get it from a friend

FreeSpace 2 actually has a clause in the license agreement stating that it is legal to give a copy of FS2 to a friend, and for noncommercial use.

Quote from the EULA:

  • "[...] You may make copies of the Software for your personal noncommercial use and to give to friends and acquaintances on a no cost noncommercial basis [...]"

So be nice to anyone who has it, and then maybe they'll burn it for you.

If you are really stuck, ask a forum member to burn a copy and mail it to you? You will then be their minion, but hey, FS2 is worth subservience.

Buy it

There are still copies of FS2 floating around, but finding them is not always easy.

So where could you grab a copy?

FreeSpace 2 has not been mass-produced for several years, so checking places that sell used software is your only recourse if you need to buy locally. The original FreeSpace has been out-of-print (so to speak) for even longer, but luckily for you you can play FS1 by getting The FreeSpace Port, but you'll need FS2 set up first.