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This page is under construction (if this page is deemed necessary that is -> [[Talk:Getting_started_with_FreeSpace_2|talk page]])
==Getting Retail FreeSpace 2==
==Getting Retail FreeSpace 2==
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'''Invidual files'''
'''Invidual files'''
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_core.zip Core]<font size=1>
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_core.zip Core]
** 3D Warp model {Bobboau}
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_effects.zip Effects]
** Ballistic-primary HUD {Goober5000}
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_models.zip Models]
** Command briefing scrollbars {Goober5000}
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_music.zip Music]
** FS2NetD (Multiplayer) Config file {MatthewPapa}
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_textures.zip Textures]
** Four-player version of the main campaign {AceRimmer}
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_adveffects.zip Advanced Effects]
** 'Apply Loadout to Wing' Weapon Select screen art. {Galemp,Goober5000}
** Detailed loadout stats {Pnakotus}
** Turret alignment fix {Admiral Nelson}
** Additional escort list entry {WMCoolmon}
** Shield icon {CP5670}
** Dragon target LOD fix {Taylor}
** Environment mapping default cubemap {Taylor}
** Splash screen image</font>
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_effects.zip Effects]<font size=1>
** High-res planet images {Lightspeed}
** High-res weapon effects {Lightspeed}
** High-res beam effects {DaBrain/Firecrack}
** High-res impact effects {Lightspeed}
** Impact decals {Lightspeed/Bobboau}
** High-res engine glows and flares {Lightspeed/Bobboau}
** High-res suns {Lightspeed}
** High-res shield hit {DaBrain}
** High-res motion debris {Sandwich}
** Afterburner Trails {Turambar}
** High-res subspace effects {Lightspeed}
** High-res explosion effects {Lightspeed}
** New warpout effect {J.P.}
** Glowpoints for Terran ships {Stratcomm}
** High-res nebula textures {DaBrain}
** Low-end 3D Shockwave {DaBrain}
** Fixed sun images {CP5670}
** New flak projectile effect {Wanderer}</font>
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_models.zip Models]<font size=1>
** High-poly subspace models {Raa Tor'h}
** High-poly Asteroids {Sandwich/StratComm}
** High-poly Hercules model {Bobboau}
** High-poly Hercules II {Devils_hitman/StratComm}
** High-poly Medusa {StratComm}
** High-poly Ursa {Firecrack}
** High-poly Ares {Raa/StratComm}
** High-poly Erinyes {FireCrack}
** High-poly Perseus with functioning cockpit {Nico}
** High-poly Pegasus {StratComm}
** High-poly Myrmidon model {F1gm3nt/JarC/Raa}
** High-poly Faustus {Galemp}
** High-poly Triton {Vasudan Admiral/Raptor}
** High-poly TC-Tri {Black Wolf/Vasudan Admiral}
** High-poly Fenris/Leviathon model {Vasudan Admiral/Karma/Raptor}
** High-poly Aeolus {Vasudan Admiral/Raptor}
** High-poly Deimos {Bobboau/Stratcomm}
** High-poly Orion {Bobb/Galemp/StratComm}
** High-poly Hecate {Raven2001/Galemp}
** High-poly Mjolnir {StratComm/Mikhael}
** High-poly Serapis {Raa Tor'h}
** High-poly Anuket model {Raa Tor'h}
** High-poly Satis {Raa Tor'h/StratComm}
** High-poly Aten {Galemp/StratComm}
** High-poly Sobek {Raa/StratComm}
** High-poly Mara {Nico}
** High-poly Dis {GalEmp}
** High-poly SAC 3 {GalEmp}
** High-poly Moloch {WeatherOp}
** High-poly Lucifer {Vasudan Admiral/DaBrain}
** High-poly Tsunami, Harbinger, and Cyclops bombs {Galemp}
** High-poly Stilleto II, Harpoon, Helios, and Trebuchet {FireCrack}
** Glowpointed Arcadia {StratComm}
** Glowpointed Ulysses {wojta}
** Glowpoints for Terran hi-poly ships {Stratcomm}
** Texture fixes {StratComm}
** Major Orion UVWrapping enhancements{Galemp}
** High-res starfield skybox {Lt.Cannonfodder}
** Nameplates for most Terran capital ships in main campaign {Admiral Nelson}</font>
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_music.zip Music]<font size=1>
** High-Fi Battle music for 'Genesis' {Daniel Wentz}
** High-Fi Battle music for 'Numbers' {Daniel Wentz}
** High-Fi Battle music for 'Joshua' {Daniel Wentz}
** High-Fi Ambience, Battle, and Arrival music for 'Revelation' {Daniel Wentz}
** High-Fi Music for 'Brief6' {Daniel Wentz}
** High-Fi Failure music {Daniel Wentz}</font>
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_textures.zip Textures]<font size=1>
** Shine maps for all vessels {Galemp/Lightspeed}
** Glow maps for all vessels {Galemp/Lightspeed}
** Additional quality textures for many vessels {LightSpeed/DaBrain}
** Hi-res Cairo textures {Galemp}
** Touched-up Medusa maps {Turambar}</font>
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_adveffects.zip Advanced Effects]<font size=1>
** Extremely detailed Planet immages {Lightspeed}
** Animated glowmaps (GlowLTL-12.0) {Lightspeed}
** High-quality explosion textures {Lightspeed}
** High-res nebulae {Lightspeed}
** Super high-quality 3D Shockwave {DaBrain}</font>
'''Optional Files'''
'''Optional Files'''
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_cell.zip Cell]<font size=1>
*[http://fs2source.warpcore.org/mvp368zeta/mv_cell.zip Cell]
** Sobek, Ulysses, Hecate textures {Bobboau}
** Myrmidon, Deimos, Serapis, Horus, Satis, TTC 1, Ares, Ma'at textures {DaBrain}
** Thoth, Hercules, Iceni, Seth, Loki {Raa Tor'h}
** Nebula backgrounds, Planet F, thruster effects {DaBrain}</font>
==Setting up the 5.3 Launcher==
==Setting up the 5.3 Launcher==
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*[[Commandline reference]]
*[[Command-Line Reference]]

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This page is under construction (if this page is deemed necessary that is -> talk page)

Getting Retail FreeSpace 2

  • CDs
  • [Hotu Link]
  • [ShivanSPS link]

Installing FreeSpace 2

  • Game should be installed into a directory that has no empty spaces in its name. For example c:\games\Freespace2\ is ok, but c:\Program Files\Freespace2 or c:\games\Freespace 2\ are not.

Update the Retail Freespace 2

  • Download and run Freespace 1.2 update (include versions that require it)

Download SCP Files


  • Link to Launcher 5.3

Game Builds

Latest Official Build

  • Link to 3.6.7 build

Current CVS Builds

  • Link to newest
  • Link to second
  • Link to third

MediaVP File Sets

  • MediaVP sets should always be installed to their own directory preferably named as mediavps that is located in the FreeSpace root directory. For example if FreeSpace has been installed to c:\games\freespace then MediaVP files should be placed to c:\games\freespace\mediavps directory.

Latest Official MediaVPs

  • Direct links to 367 mediavp files and their patches
  • Full Package,
contains Core, Effects, Music, Textures, and Models, requires Patch

Invidual files

Optional files

cell shaded graphics (cartoon style), not recommended for normal gameplay
additional advanced effects, may cause severy slowdowns
additional patch to fix slowdown caused by beam firings
WARNING very limited functionality, not recommended

Current WIP MediaVPs

contains Core, Effects, Music, Textures, and Models

Invidual files

Optional Files

Setting up the 5.3 Launcher

Selecting the Game Build