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Hlp logo frontpage.jpg

Hard Light Productions (abbreviated HLP) is a fan-operated website, the central hub of FreeSpace-related activities. Its slogan is "Bringing Modders Together."


HLP's most used feature is its forums where discussion about the FreeSpace universe, games, and modding takes place. The first thread was posted on March 1, 2001. The notable forums are:

  • General FreeSpace Discussion
Discussion about the FreeSpace universe and the main campaign.
  • FreeSpace Modding
Discussion about new models, textures, or altering tables.
  • FRED Discussion
Discussion related to FRED, the FreeSpace mission editor.
  • Missions and Campaigns
Discussion about fan-made campaigns: most typically releases and troubleshooting
  • Multiplayer
Discussion and troubleshooting about online play.
  • FreeSpace and FreeSpace Open Support
Troubleshooting for FreeSpace and its open source version, FreeSpace Open.

HLP hosts a number of hosted projects, providing them with an FTP space and a forum. Because of the high frequency of projects stopping development, administrators have severely restricted the hosting requirements, requiring each prospective project to have some release.

Non-FreeSpace-related discussion takes place on the Off-Topic Discussion board, ranging from general discussion about news to discussion about programming and games.

Other features

From HLP, users can find a direct link to the FreeSpace Open Installer, and information about acquiring a hard copy of FreeSpace 2.

A HLP-run IRC channel is also available and can be accessed through the toolbar.

Furthermore, HLP hosts the FreeSpace Wiki, "a comprehensive source of data for the FreeSpace series of games, including information about the games themselves."

Lastly, HLP maintains a list of external sites that related to FreeSpace, including other FreeSpace forums, project websites, and links to ModDB entries of FreeSpace 2 projects.

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