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'''''Hud.tbl''''' is no longer used with FreeSpace Open
'''''Hud.tbl''''' is no longer used with FreeSpace Open

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Hud.tbl is no longer used with FreeSpace Open

Hud table is a table file for defining the available shield animations

Important Notes

  • Table is no longer needed with the FreeSpace Open


  • Table starts with #Shield Icons Begin
  • Shield entries are listed below that line with $Shield: at the beginning of each line
    • Syntax: String, filename
    • Example: shield-f01
  • Table ends with #End


#Shield Icons Begin

$Shield:	shield-f01
$Shield:	shield-f03
$Shield:	shield-f06
$Shield:	shield-f07
$Shield:	shield-f08
$Shield:	shield-f09
$Shield:	shield-f10
$Shield:	shield-f11
$Shield:	shield-f13

$Shield:	shieldft-01
$Shield:	shieldft-02
$Shield:	shieldft-03
$Shield:	shieldfs-01
$Shield:	shieldfs-02
$Shield:	shieldfv-01
$Shield:	shieldfv-02
$Shield:	shieldft-04
$Shield:	shieldft-05

$Shield:	shieldbt-03
$Shield:	shieldbv-01
$Shield:	shieldbv-02
$Shield:	shieldfv-04

$Shield:	shield-b04
$Shield:	shield-b05
$Shield:	shield-b06
$Shield:	shield-b08
$Shield:	shield-b09
$Shield:	shield-b10
$Shield:	shieldbs-01
$Shield:	shieldbs-02
$Shield:	shieldbt-01

$Shield:	shieldfs-03
$Shield:	shieldft-02x