Into the Depths of Hell

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Into the Depths of Hell is a Freespace 2 campaigne that follows the route of the GTD Eternity and its attempt to return to GTVA controlled space.

You begin as a pilot in the SOC wing named 'The Angry Angels'. You fly throuh various missions, fending off the Shivans and protecting various ships. However as the destroyer is on-route to Capella, the scout team comes across two Vasudan warships claiming that the Capella-Vega jump node has some sort of 'subspace barrier' that is blocking subspace travel between the nodes. So begines the story of the Exile fleet. Along the way, they will meet the NTF, the remains of the Hammer of Light and even a new species. As a player, you will take part in the destruction of a new Shivan Super destroyer, Shivan installations and even bombers with beam turrets. You will fight within subspace, back in the Nebula and even within the material ring of a Black hole...

Player Comments

A must-have campaign featuring a long, drawn out story. Each mission is imaginative and adds to the overall surreal atmosphere. Features a great many mods. Chapters 1 - 4 currently released, with Chapter 5 partway released.