Just Another Day

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In development since: August 2004
Released: September 2004

  • Axem: Writer, FREDder

Mods included:

  • Mysterious music file
  • Custom squad logo (42nd Hitchhikers)

Number of Missions: 6


Today was like any other day. The birds were singing, the sky was blue. Then came tomorrow...



Alpha 1, newly recruited to the GTVA. Your lifetime experience handling such unknown craft as the TIE Fighter and the Ferret puts you incharge of the great Alpha Wing.

It is now time for your very first assignment. Loads of spam are hurting everybody in the GTVA, their mailboxes are too large for GMail2, bandwidth is so slow, it takes an hour to download 100TB. Truely dark times. Fight off the forces of darkness and free your mailbox from the cluches of EEEEEEEVIIIIIIIL!

Get ready to see the following things in random order in 6 action packed missions!

  • plotholes!
  • copyright infringements!
  • references to Disco Music!
  • the power of ETAM, the next-next-generation of ETAK!
  • God*!
  • unexpected twist ending!


This campaign has a direct sequel, Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo.

FREDder's Notes

Okay, the campaign looks inspired by Deus Ex Machina, but that's only half of it. I had the idea to make a nonsense campaign, and was surprised that no one had done one like that before. Until I found DEM, which made me spend 5 days crying in a cellar. After that little bout, I decided to actually go and make another campaign sorta like it. The biggest thing I did copy from DEM was the "author" getting the Bosch comm ani. The Rakshasa message in mission 1? That's not based off of the unpronouncable destroyer in DEM, I just couldn't spell the class name! Other stuff may have been subconscious. Who knows.

Player Comments

This is probably the most hilarious freespace campaign out there. There's a huge WTF feeling all along... I was laughing so hard i could barely shoot straight. The same comment goes to the sequel, wich is pretty much the same entertaining value, simply hilarioustastic... I simply do not understand how an awesome campaign like this has still not been voice acted. ~KR

I recommend you to play this one with HDRish... why? Just do it and click commit! First time I played I had indeed the WTF feeling all along. The jokes and such are great, but the missions get boring after the joke effect runs out (Whats fun about "Kill everyone" six time in a row?) - Joshua

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