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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

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Fighter squadron: 170th Fighting Navajas

Description: Laporte is selected for a random in-flight psychological evaluation.


You have been selected to undergo a routine in-flight psychological evaluation from the PsyOps of First Fleet. This evaluation is carried out at random on pilots across the fleet.

As you patrol a series of waypoints near Earth, your sole wingman, Lieutenant Vicmouth, will ask you a few questions and monitor your neural readings from your flight suit.


This mission is a playable cutscene.

When you see the directive to "Depart When Ready", do not do so immediately on your very first run of this mission. Fly straight ahead and scan the nebula ahead of you with your targeting keys until your sensors pick up a number of TAC 1. Try to figure out the two hidden messages concealed within them before returning to base.

Ignore the nearby Shivan Comm Node. The only thing it does is flood your message list with what appears to be a random string of words. It is also invulnerable, so you cannot destroy it.


  • Laporte's encounter with Ken is a reference to parts of the unrelated FreeSpace 2 campaign Transcend, where the player meets the main antagonist, the Transcendent, in a similar fashion on a few occasions.
  • Coincidentally, Laporte filed a request for a personal report on her own health three days before this mission. The report returned a list of fairly common battle fatigue symptoms experienced by not just her, but by most other regular pilots, such as physical strain, hyperalertness, ethical conflict and fatigue. However, the final symptom that the report returns makes mention of memory loss and "fugue" flight, the latter being a symptom whereby the subject performs actions while conscious, but is unable to remember doing them after recovering from battle fatigue.
  • The fifth reading on Laporte's flight suit, NGRI, is explained by Vicmouth as being "a diagnostic". A small number of players who are well-learned on what has been established in Blue Planet canon have interpreted this reading to represent Laporte's Nagari sensitivity.
  • Ken's allegiance is ambiguous. While he sounds Vishnan in nature, he appears to exhibit the Shivan philosophy of destruction.
  • When viewed from above in FRED2_Open, the containers are arranged to spell "BOZCH".


  • The containers that you see spell out two separate hidden messages. If you have problems understanding them, use your normal targeting key to go through each container in the correct sequence. The start of both messages is the container designated the voices in the womb.
  • Check the recommendations for this mission's debriefing.

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • Ken

  • 33 TAC 1
    • the voices in the womb
      • spoke wordlessly
        • Cargo: BALANCE
    • infancy is amnesia
      • yet you remember them
        • Cargo: MUST BE
    • as a child you were told
      • i was only in your head
        • Cargo: MAINTAINED.
    • yet where else
      • are voices ever heard?
        • Cargo: THE ORIGINAL PLAN
    • you are not mad
      • nor have you ever been
        • Cargo: IS IMPERATIVE.
    • you are no mystic
      • you are a made thing
        • Cargo: WE SEEK THE ONE
    • gifted with an ear
      • for the quantum whisper
        • Cargo: OUT OF MANY
    • you draw a line
      • between two worlds
        • Cargo: THE ONE WHO
    • the world of fighters and
      • armor and briefings
        • Cargo: CAN MATCH
    • and the world of dreams
      • and portents
        • Cargo: THE BRAHMANS
    • but this dreamscape, this
      • child's phantasmagoria
        • Cargo: OF OLD.
    • is a glimpse into a world
      • just as real and deadly
        • Cargo: ENLIGHTENMENT IS
    • a place of strategems and
      • treachery and power
        • Cargo: A THRESHOLD
    • that seems to you as strange
      • as a briefing would seem
        • Cargo: THE CATALYST FOR
    • to an ape
        • Cargo: AMALGAMATION, FOR
    • those who walk among
      • infinite worlds
        • Cargo: THE SINGULARITY
    • must still wage war
      • do not be lulled by the
        • Cargo: THAT BINDS WHOLE
    • soft words of mysticism
      • and spirituality
        • Cargo: SPECIES INTO
    • we too struggle with
      • our own war in heaven
        • Cargo: THE UNION WE SEEK.
    • our purpose is unclear
      • the ancient design fails
        • Cargo: THE OLD BURNT THE
    • we perform bakhti
      • and tapasya
        • Cargo: COSMOS CLEAN
    • in order to divine
      • the will of those who
        • Cargo: IN THE WARS OF
    • passed deeper eons ago
      • leaving us to preserve
        • Cargo: THEIR YOUTH
    • and our brothers in dance
      • to their frigid watch
        • Cargo: NEVER AGAIN WILL
    • at the border where worlds
      • fray and blur together
        • Cargo: THAT PRICE BE PAID.
    • brothers, brothers
      • paramatma! why are you
        • Cargo: Nothing
    • so cold? you tend to the walls
      • and the clockwork
        • Cargo: Nothing
    • while we, the gardeners
      • execute your will upon
        • Cargo: Nothing
    • all the life within.
      • you maintain the old plan
        • Cargo: Nothing
    • but do not pretend surprise
      • when we cast it aside
        • Cargo: Nothing
    • your creators blundered once
      • and in doing so
        • Cargo: Nothing
    • unleashed the deepness
      • that stalks the cold roads
        • Cargo: Nothing
    • of the cosmos.
      • we must prepare.
        • Cargo: Nothing