Killer Rabbit

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The Story So Far

To finally deal with pirate harassment in the area, intelligence has been obtained of an enemy supply depot. Alpha Wing's job is to make sure those supplies are all destroyed.


You will have no logistical support, so choose your loadout wisely.

The player must choose a bomber to adequately destroy all assets in the area (as your wingmen will not take some orders). Focus on destroying White Team first (at least ten Hercules fighters), but lure them out of the sentry guns' range first. Then focus on the radar dish on the medical frigate (destroy only the dish, as the medical frigate must survive), which will take the sentry guns offline for anytime between a minute and 90 seconds. Within that window, wreak as much havoc as possible with your bombs (target the crates, as you will take out most of the parked ships, which have no shields online). If you only took out one half of the depot, the surviving sentry guns will open on the other side. If you have spare missiles left, use them to take out the turrets. Then drop the rest of your ordinance on the rest of the depot and get out.

This mission will score you at least 70 kills, so if you're hoping to get the trivial Ace or Double Ace award, this mission will help.