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Derelict logo.jpg
The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

See also: Mackie

Name: Lt. Aubrey "Duct Tape" Mackie

Rank: 1st Lieutenant (presumably promoted after Derelict)

While reliable, and a competent pilot, Mackie is known to be vocal and often times rude. Despite his complaining, he recently requested a second tour of duty at Tau Sigma Station. He was originally assigned against his will when he tried speaking Vasudan without a translator, simultaneously violating some 14 rules of etiquette in a single phrase. He inadvertently insulted a senior officer at Aldebaran. To this day, it is not known exactly what Mackie said, or how he said it, suffice to say that Mackie would rather remain at Tau Sigma.


"Piece of junk is one thing. I have duct tape holding my control panel together!"

"It means she's an old crate. They've never been able to get her fully repaired. Want another story about duct tape?"
- on the GTC LoneWolf

"I will take that medal and duct tape it to my cockpit!"
- after the destruction of the Nyarlathotep