Nightmare Reborn

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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Defend the Ross 128-Delta Serpentis Jump Node from a new Shivan strike force.


The Shivans have returned. The GTVA is now taking a defensive posture, with the 11th Fleet sortied to defend the Laramis jump node, while the 5th Fleet blockades the Delta Serpentis node. The Vasudan 8th Battlegroup, led by the GVD Khedess, has been tasked from Antares to reinforce the 4th and 5th Fleets.

The GTD Seleucus, the GVC Khopesh, and the 74th Templars are assigned to defend the Ross 128-Delta Serpentis Node from a Shivan advance consisting of multiple capital ships.


The default load is fine for the most part. You can switch the Prometheus for the Subach HL-12 if you want to score faster fighter kills. For Gamma Wing, keep their bombs, but you may want to switch out the Hornets for Stilettos.

You will fly off the hangar, supported by Omicron Wing of Rhea bombers.

Let the Seleucus and Khopesh take out the Savarant. After that, scratch Arjuna and Rama Wings. Mu Wing can take care of anyone who wanders near the Khopesh.

An EA convoy (the Tyraen, Alcibiades and Aglyptis, guarded by Audax, Fugax and Vivax Wings) will come in. After a lengthy discussion, you will be asked to defend them from multiple wave of Shivan fighters (Vishnu, Shivore and Bheema Wings). The Rakshasa-class Tarusa will come in. Order your bombers to destroy it while you take out its front beam cannons.

Once the convoy makes it to the node, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Phi Wings will be launched. Keep one bomber wings guarding the Seleucus.

The whole Shivan strike force will come in (the Ravana-class Sammael, the Rakshasa-class Tyranka and Baal, and cruiser Raziel, guarded by Indra, Kali, Krishna, Sati and Lakshmi Wings). Start taking them out. Prioritize the Sammael's beam cannons (one Corinthos each is mostly enough).

One Shivan destroyer, the Anutthara, will get on the Seleucus's blind side. Order your bombers guarding the Seleucus to destroy its frontal beam cannons. (Don't worry if it gets to the node, once it's out of the picture, let those bombers join you in destroying the convoy.)

After the convoy is scratched, a new Shivan ship (the Vidhadyar) will come in and wreck the Seleucus. You'll see yet another Shivan strike force coming in. The Independence will call a retreat on the other side. Get to the node and get out of there.

To be continued...