ORSC Speculum

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The following information is related to Exile mod and has not been confirmed by Volition. It is not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
The ORSC Speculum


Tech Room Description

Outer Rim Syndicate - Speculum AWACS/Science Vessel

The Speculum is an advanced multi-role science vessel that serves as a versatile scientific lab, scan-and-analysis vessel, and electronic warfare platform. Long range sensors, subspace scanners, and AWACS systems allow Speculums to be the eyes and ears of the Exodus Fleet. They can be also be used to search for stable jump nodes and identify mineable sources of minerals. In order to protect its valuable electronics from physical damage, the Speculum is heavily shielded.


  • Model and textures by Scooby_Doo

Designer's Comments



Width 114.41 m
Height 181.39 m
Length 331.76 m
Turrets 4
Cargo docks None


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Syndicate Turret 4


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