Operation Savior

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  • Ngtm1r: Storyline, FREDding, playtesting.

Mods included: What the heck is a mod?

Number of Missions: 5


Force entry into Polaris in the early hours of the NTF Rebellion, rescue loyalist elements of the 6th Fleet and Polaris System Defense Force, and escape with your life.


FSO required. Installation as standard, drop in a folder in your FSO directory and use -mod command line. Beware of lurking table files in your data folder.

FREDder's Notes

I overcompensated from my previous campaign being too easy. Turn down your difficulty a notch when playing.

Some effort was gone to prevent the usual scenario of a ship being able to manuver and fight to its best ability no matter damage in this campaign; in addition most enemy ships that aren't earmarked for later destruction in FS2 (and there are several; see if you can spot them) can be destroyed, but a number of them will jump out unless disabled first.

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