Out of the Dark, Into the Night

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Fighter squadron:


With the Antares system nearly secure, Command has decided that the GTSC Plato will carry the prototype for the Avenger Attack Cannon through the Antares system. It will proceed to the Ribos system, where production of the Avenger will begin.
Intelligence has determined that only one Vasudan cruiser remains in this system, the Taurus. If the Vasudans decide to attack the Plato on its way to Ribos, they will certainly use the Taurus.
The number of Vasudan attack craft in this system is minimal. Intelligence estimates at most two strike squads. If something should go wrong, the Plato is equipped with an escape pod. The escape pod will attempt to make the subspace jump to Ribos.
Alpha wing will provide cover for the Plato, and, if necessary, the Plato's escape pod. The safety of the prototype is vital, and all Vasudan threats must be eliminated.
Pay special attention to any Vasudan bombers that may arrive. Bombers will be the greatest threat to the Plato during this operation.
When you've cleared the area of hostile bombers, eliminate other threats and continue escorting the Plato to the intersystem subspace node.


Everything is quiet for a while until 3 Anubis fighters and 1 Osiris bomber (Aries wing) jump in. Take out the Osiris bomber. Don't hesitate to use a lot of your Fury missiles on it, then aid your wingmen in taking out the rest of the fighters. After this all is quiet for quite some time until the Taurus jumps in, and with it four Anubis fighters and one Osiris bomber (Virgo wing). They will be about 9,000 units away, so stay with the Plato. After a while four Unknown ship class fighters (2 Scorpions and 2 Shaitans) will attack the Taurus. When the Vasudan fighters attack the unknowns, notice that the attacks hit an invisible shield which is visible only when it is hit. Command will order you to visually identify the ships. Ignore them, just stay with the Plato. When you receive the message, "What the hell, they took out the Taurus already," get ready for some action.

The four unknowns will jump out and four more will attack the Plato. The Shaitan class ships are bombers and look kind of flat. The Scorpions are fighters and will be flying around in all directions.

The Plato will be destroyed and the escape pod should make it without difficulty. The bombers will jump out and one single Scorpion will remain in the area, go after it. Attack it with Furies, the ML-16 will be useless. Expend all of your Furies at the Scorpion if need be. Eventually it will die and you will complete your bonus objective. Jump out now.


Please note that you can target the Unknowns, using a somewhat clumsy method, however. Target one of your fighters and press 'J' (target my target's target). This will allow you to target the Unknown ships. Also note that the Taurus and Osiris bombers will target only the Plato and not the Unknown fighters or bombers.

The Plato's escape pod is flagged invulnerable, so it will always make it to the jump out point, regardless. Further, the Plato will be destroyed, regardless. The Plato is actually marked to self destruct in the mission data. On lower difficulties the Plato can defend herself making this another self-playing mission.

Notable ships present

  • GTSC Plato
  • PVC Taurus