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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Escort the GTD Reyes and her Task Group into Beta Aquilae.


The GTD Preax was critically damaged in Beta Aquilae. With no chance of a recovery, the crew decided to abandon and scuttle her.

In response, the GTD Reyes and the 17th Task Group have been re-assigned from the FIREWATCH Shivan Response Group in Vega to assist in the counter-offensive in Beta Aquilae.

The 74th Templars will escort the Task Group in case the EACa Argus's Fleet decides to disrupt the transit.


You will have two three-ship wings to start. Alpha Wing consists of Ereshkigals, while Beta Wing consists of Mihoses.

Head for the node, in less than a minute, the Halcyone-class cruisers Raptor and Cyclone will come through the Vega Jump Node. Start assigning your wings to defend them. Take out the Gagana Bombers and their Stentor escorts.

Once those are done, re-arm. the 17th's Logistics Element will arrive through the node, accompanied by Delta and Epsilon Wings of Advanced Persei. Intel reports the Lindos-class Destroyer Vindicator is en route. Both of your cruiser leads panic and decide to jump out, and your freighters decide to scatter to dissuade beam attacks.

Multiple wings of hostile strike craft will come in. Scatter, and direct all wings to Engage the Enemy. Focus your efforts on the least covered area (use your F10 key and find the bomber wing with the least wingman dots on the targeting bracket or the least friendly missile streaks you see). If any freighter needs attention, direct any nearby wing to cover it.

Once the freighters clear out, two Deimos corvettes will jump in. However, the Vindicator will get the jump on them. The Reyes won't be far behind, so start focusing your efforts on the forward Beam Cannons. The rest of the squadron (joined by Omega Wing) can clean out the fighter screen.

After the Beam Cannons are down, the Reyes will drive the Vindicator out. You can then park in the Reyes.