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The SCv Armaros


Tech Room Description

The Armaros class is a dire threat to GTVA cruisers and corvettes as long as its heavy forward cannon remains online. Allied intelligence considers the Armaros a fast strike ship to be used in tearing up the forward elements of a warship blockade. With an unusually high top speed the Armaros's drive technology must be extremely advanced.

Exile Tech Room Description

While the Moloch fills a variety of roles, the Armaros-class frigate is a purely offensive vessel likely designed to confront enemies of comparable size. The Armaros is the most heavily armored Shivan vessel of its size and it's often accompanied by numerous bomber wings. The Shivans often use Armaros-class frigates as decoys for the main cannons of our Vitalius-class frigates, leaving an open window in their point defense screens for a bomber strike. The frigate-grade main beam cannon of the Armaros should be taken down ASAP during combat with Syndicate vessels, and pilots are advised to evade the plethora of anti-fighter beams and plasma cannons.


  • Model by Moonred, Mapping and textures by Esarai, conversion by Nyctaeus

Designer's Comments



Width 195.16 m
Height 176.63 m
Length 776.63 m
Turrets 28
Fighterbays None


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
S-AF-Las-B 12
S-B-Large 1
S-B-Small 2
S-AF-Flak-B 6
S-AF-Cluster-B 2


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