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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.


Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The SCWS-3 Scalpel is the third member of the Shekar-Johnson product line purpose-built for the Federation navy. A subsystem disruptor designed for customs duty, the Scalpel is an ion pathshock weapon that delivers powerful current down a plasma stream, compromising even Faraday-caged systems. Good range allows the user to engage enemy turrets from a relatively safe distance, but the Scalpel cannot outrange Alliance anti-fighter beam weapons. It performs respectably against shields, and some pilots even use it as a dogfight weapon. At one point during the Isolation, the Scalpel was the standard-issue weapon on Federation fighters, but the outbreak of the recent conflict ended this policy.



Range 935 m
Rate of Fire 2.86 shots per second
Velocity 850 ms-1
Base Damage 40
Armor Damage 0.0x 0
Shield Damage 0.5x 20
Subsystem Damage 1.0x 40


Veteran Comments

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I haven't found much use for this weapon. The Archer and Paveway mostly satisfy my anti-subsystem needs. Not really worth sacrificing a weapon bank for in my opinion.

With a slight buff to shield damage this weapon could make a good combination shield breaker and subsystem disruptor, which could increase its utility. Something to consider for future patches.

The Scalpel received a shield damage buff in the 1.1 patch which gave it equal shield DPS to the Circe in addition to its anti-subsystem properties.