Sink the Bismarck

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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Cut off and destroy the EACA Argus.


Following the EACA Argus's botched engagement on the GTD Ramayana, Rear Admiral Spiros had set the Argus to perform high-tempo strikes on GTVA positions across Delta Serpentis.

SOC scouts have tracked the Argus to a cargo depot, and Command has authorized a three-strike package to take her out. Package 1 is the Turku and Litai assaulting the depot, Package 2 is the Indignation and Bernardia should the Argus make a jump.

Should the Argus make any escape attempt, their most likely course is to the Ross 128 Jump Node, blockaded by Package 3: The GTD Seleucus and an RBC Array.

Either way, the Argus is going down.


You now have access to the GTM-55L Corinthos Missile, a Trebuchet successor. For this mission, either the Perseus or the Hercules can mount it. Prefer the Perseus with a Hastor, Corinthos and Stiletto.

Phase One:

Start with taking out the Argus's starboard Beam Cannons (all Beam Cannons will take either a double Corinthos or a double Stiletto to destroy). Watch out for Amor and Vorax Wings of interceptors. The Turnus will try to get the jump on you, so evade and get yourself near the Litai. To save the Turku, take out the Juturna's frontal Beam Cannon.

Phase Two:

You will find yourself on the far side of the Argus, assaulting the Seoul Ship Yards. Destroy her Port Beam Cannons. Lambda and Kappa Wings will start by defending the Yards, however you can assign them to destroy Ferox and Aqua Wings. Make your wingmen ignore the Argus.

You will get a bonus objective should you destroy the Beams before they destroy the Yards.

Package 2 will come in, forcing the Argus to jump.

Phase Three:

Start re-arming. Gamma and Delta Wings will join you. Soon after, the Argus will flush her bays in an attempt to destroy the blockade. Take all of her strikecraft down (Olympia, Thalassa, Druch, Gaia, Iross, Luna, Lux, Pax and Terra Wings). A Double Corinthos will take any of the bombers down.

When the fighter screen is cleared out, rally on the Seleucus and re-arm again if needed. A medical ship, the Europa will arrive, guarded by Audax Wing. Look who it is. After that, Zeta and Omega Wings will clean out Audax (should any of them come to you, take them down).

Once you get the final go-ahead to destroy the Argus, the Seleucus will deploy Theta Wing (of five Boanerges bombers). Help them put the carrier out of its misery.

Once she's sunk, you can park in the Seleceus.