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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Escort the GTD Ramayana from Delta Serpentis into Ross 128.


With the GTVA establishing a foothold in Delta Serpentis, Command has ordered the GTD Ramayana into Ross 128 in a bid to cut off reinforcements from the Earth Alliance.

The GTCv Renown on loan from the 7th Fleet and other capital assets are to assist. The 74th Templars are to escort against anticipated EA intervention.


You have two three-ship wings. The default load of Advanced Persei will suffice.

Just a minute in, the Tereus-class Empress will come in behind the Ramayana. Take out her frontal beam cannon, then start disarming her Beam Cannons. Alpha and Beta Wings can take care of any strike craft, while the escorts can destroy any cruisers in the way.

After the first wave is over, the Vindicator will jump in. Assist the Renown by taking out the front Beam Cannons. The Reyes will jump in and take out the Vindicator, so focus your squadron's efforts on cleaning out any bombers.

The Empress will decide to leave by this point. When the Ramayana passes through the node, you can land on the Reyes.


  • To quickly disarm the Empress's side beams, use one Stiletto followed by a few Hastor shots.
  • To quickly disarm the Vindicator's heavy beams, use a dual Stiletto followed by one or two Hastor shots.