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Fighter squadron:


Terran intelligence has detected unusual activity in the Vasudan cargo depot at Antares. You are to destroy all hostiles in the area. When the area is clear, our salvage crews will pick up the cargo for analysis. Do not destroy any cargo.
The contents of the cargo containers is not known. Due to the unusual activity, GTA intelligence suspects they have military value.
You will be flying this mission with Epsilon wing from the 3rd squadron. Delta wing will be available for reinforcements if necessary. If you get into trouble, don't hesitate to call them in.
Reconnaissance missions have determined that there are typically two wings of Vasudan fighters guarding the depot. The fighters are your primary concern.
Recon has also determined that this depot is heavily used. Taking control of it will seriously impede Vasudan attacks from this system in the future.
It is likely that there will be freighters in the area transporting cargo. All Vasudan vessels must be destroyed! None must escape as they will surely bring reinforcements.
Once you have secured the area, the GTC Orff will arrive and maintain watch over the outpost. Good luck, pilot. GTA command out.


As soon as you begin the mission, target Freighter 1 (a Bast-class freighter) and then target its engine subsystem. Switch primary weapons using {.}. You should now see a green arrow pointing to the Disruptor. Destroy Freighter 1's engines and then proceed to do the same with Freighter 2 (a Ma'at-class freighter).

Next hit {T} until you have targeted Cargo 2. Get within 150 units of Cargo 2; scan it. This will complete your bonus objective. Eliminate any remaining enemies—Anubis fighters—that your wingmen haven't destroyed, and then clear out the freighters. Momentarily, an Omega transport will jump in. Whilst waiting, you may opt for scanning the all the cargo containers (cycle containers using "U"), just so you won't go bored crazy waiting for Omega to take the prototypes away.

After Omega has captured the prototypes, a couple of waves of enemy Anubis fighters will jump in. Deal with them in whatever fashion you're most comfortable with. The mission objectives are done when the Orff jumps in. Jump back to base.

Alternate Missions

If you were unable to engage the Vasudan Ace, then the freighters will jump out at 2:00 and 4:00 into the mission instead of 5:00 and 8:00. For each freighter that escapes, expect another wing of Anubis fighters. Also, in the unlikely event that you let a Vasudan ship escape in the previous mission, the Orff will arrive with its hull knocked down to 65%. The demo mission always has the Orff at full strength.


The version of the mission distributed with the FreeSpace Demo differs in quite many aspects from the retail mission, so if you're only familiar with the demo mission, expect some changes. The demo mission has nine Virgo wings, whereas the retail version merely has four. Furthermore, the retail mission is dependent upon the previous mission. If you eliminated all the Vasudan enemy wings in the previous mission, the turret of Vasudan Freighter 2 will be non-functioning.

The demo version also has Seths and Horuses, and two Ma'ats instead of a Bast and a Ma'at, making it harder. The title of the mission appears to be taken from the 1995 album by the band Fight, most notable for its founder and vocalist Rob Halford, who formed the band after leaving Judas Priest.

Notable ships present

  • GTC Orff